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Some FAQs

TRBO is a task reward coin. It's a means to utilise your time through completion of micro-tasks, bounties, completing surveys, and more. But it's not just about collecting "points", TRBO will also have utilisation cases such as file hosting, games and more.
Quite the opposite - TRBO was created in 2015 and soon abandoned. It limped on until mid 2018 when the current team took over with the community's support to revive and breathe new life into the coin. Now we work on TRBO daily, mostly for the love of the coin and its amazing community.
TRBO Masternode collateral is 5,000,000 TRBO (five million). If you are in possession of that amount, you will need a dedicated server to host the masternode on - the most commonly used is a VPS server. You'll need to follow our comprehensive guide to set it up, or wait for the masternode setup script to be finalised. If you are not technology savvy or don't have enough coins for a full MN, you can use one of a number of third parties who offer masternode hosting or shared masternodes where you can grab a portion
The original TRBO coin was created in 2015 with a high ROI of 500%. While attempts were made to update the existing blockchain with a new consensus, we were unable to update the code successfully. While trying to, the supply got out of hand so the swap serves two purposes - firstly to update the code and secondly to reduce the supply to make it more manageable and tradeable.
The TRBO team are all in effect "volunteers" that have taken on the task of resurrecting an abandoned coin with a sizeable and reasonably active community. There was no premine, no team allocation of supply ... we're in this for the love of cryptocurrency and the TRBO community. We all have full time, professional careers which is the primary reason for the anonymity and lack of link to cryptocurrency. We hope that our continued dedication to TRBO, transparency of social history across Discord and Telegram, inspires trust.
Spreading the word is the primary way you can help! Share updates, tell others about how great TRBO and its community is. If you think you have something to add to the team, whether that's design skills, social media presence, coding, website design ... please get in touch!